How To Make Money From Chatgpt

how to make money from chatgpt

how to make money from chatgpt :

Everyone is lying to you about making money with AI. There are hundreds even thousands of videos about how can you make money with faceless channels.

How can you make money by subtitles and so many other things which are utter bull. There are hundreds thousands of videos which are talking about how to make money, yet most of them do not work through this blog.

I want to share with you the seven BS, through which you can make money with AI Tools in reality.

There’s a huge misconception out there, that AI tools can replace all of your work you can just sip your coffee while you’re sitting on a beach and AI tools will create passive income for you, which is a complete lie honestly speaking.

AI is in a very nent stage right now and thinking of it replacing you completely is just not practical, but there are several ways through which AI can help you accomplish the goal of making money online faster and that’s what I want to share with you in this blog.

let’s talk about making money with AI and the first way to make money with AI1

1 Way To Make Money with AI

is writing blogs and articles one of the easiest ways for you to build your online presence is by creating the blogs and articles which are optimized for the search engine.

Whatever it is that you are interested in write a post about it and publish it to the world but the road to a remarkable blog often requires significant time and resources.

I have personally spent hours just staring at a screen and wondering what should I write next and hours of Relentless research writing and editing can be an exhausting task for you and that’s what hub sports free AI blog writer tries to solve it’s a free tool helping you.

Craft compelling blog post with prompts and questions in just seconds. AI bagged articles ensure high quality content, so that’s never going to be the issue here and if you are worried about writer’s block the AI generated outlines will spark your creativity in no time plus you can streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating it with the hub spot’s.

Blog software personally I like the built-in reporting. Through which you can measure the content’s performance and you can deliver precisely what your audience loves.

So if you want to save your time and effort while blogging, hub spot’s AI blog writer tool is the perfect solution for you. Now let’s move on to the second way to make money and that is.

2 Way To Make Money with AI

by creating your own ebooks and launching it through Amazon KDP and no I’m not talking about going to Chat GPT and typing the prompt.

Write me an ebook on, how can I get more Bumble matches in 2023. That does not work what you need, however is a process through which you can efficiently create ebooks with the help of chat GPT.

For example, Joe made over $390,000 by creating ebooks and selling it to a particularly specified Niche through Pinterest ads, his Niche was self-development ebooks for the middle-aged moms.

Similarly you will have to define a niche for yourself and once you have that niche in place you can start creating ebooks that cater to that niche particularly.

The second step is, to create the outline of the ebook with the help of char GPT and then start filling in the gaps as much as you can.

So ask charity to create headings subheadings sub topics and then use that hierarchy inside of your book to create the different chapters.

Now AI can often hallucinate and give false data. So make sure that you go through every single line of your ebook and then proceed to The Next Step, which is going to be to publish it on Amazon KDP.

It’s a very simple process, Just upload it on the platform. It will approve it and then your book will be live on Amazon available for everyone to purchase around the world or you can build your distribution on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and then publicize the book that you’ve launched through gumroad.

Now in this entire process AI is going to help you structurize the book and give you a general outline for it.

The next step is, going to be for you to fill in every single Gap, that there is to create the whole book, there is no one prompt as such it depends on what you want to make.

and depending on that you can just keep asking questions to chat GPT. Just write at the end of every prompt answer as a human would that, ensures that they’re using simple to understand language as any human personality.

Would do another way to make money with ebooks is, by creating ebooks for other people there are tons of gigs on Fiverr in which people are saying, that I will make a whole ebook for you.

You just give me a topic and the money and the book will be present in 1 week 2 weeks or a month. Moving on to the third.

3 Way To Make Money with AI

Way to make money with AI and that is to generate designs illustrations logos with the help of an AI tool. No, I’m not talking about mid Journey.I’m talking about idiogram AI.

Now idiogram AI is a free tool, that you can go to and you can actually get accurate text in all of the AI generated images, that is something that mid Journey still struggles with and mid journey is paid ideogram right now is available for free, Just go over there.

For example, here is a sticker I was able to make for my book unlocking unicorn secret and it was a very simple process.

I just wrote down give me a sticker design for a unicorn and this text should be there in this sticker and it made it very well and all of this was done with just one single prompt on ideogram.

AI which is free which just blows my mind, So you have to try out this tool. You can work with a ton of clients with the help of ideogram and you can beat the market by charging lesser than what everyone else is and you can deliver faster than everyone else can do.

Because of the help of ideogram AI you can, similarly ask it to create logos. You can ask it to create poster designs, It will create multiple versions.

You can create multiple versions of just one picture as well by remixing it with the same prompt or you can change the prompt you can just do at on of different creative things with the help of ideogram AI for completely free so do try it out yourself and let me know.

You can create multiple versions of just one picture as well by remixing it with the same prompt or you can change the prompt you can just do at on of different creative things with the help of ideogram AI for completely free so do try it out yourself and let me know what designs you end up making.

The fourth way to make money with AI is

4 Way To Make Money with AI

By generating social media content ideas and calenders with the help of chat GPT and canva it’s a very interesting canva plugin, that you can access in chat GPT plus.

You have to buy it and when you do that you can connect your canva account with your chat GPT and then you can just type I am working for a clothing brand for genz Street culture aesthetic.

Give me 30 content ideas, which are extremely sharable for the next 30 days.

Considering I am targeting the Indian audience and what it will do is, it will create a table in which you will have all of the data, what should be the headline, what should be the content, what should be the design like and with a press of a button you can turn that table into a beautiful looking canva design.

How cool is that and you can get 30 pieces of content done in just a couple of minutes, as I said before you have to focus on the prompt and you have to know the craft as well.

AI will just help you get things done faster. Now you can work as a virtual assistant with a lot of people on Fiverr and you can get a ton of ideas for them for their social media or you can actually work as a social media manager at a ton of different startups and you can make money with the help of the AI tool and get things done faster.

The fifth way to make money with AI is

5 Way To Make Money with AI

Help of AI generated audios there are tons of tools available like sound draw like Bowen.

You can use these tools and you can create unique AI music, that can be used by creators or companies alike.

There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr, where people are offering the services of creating music for their clients and you can do it faster with the help of these tools by simply knowing what liver to pull and what buttons to press you can specify the vibe.

That you’re looking for, you can specify if you want to be lyrical or non lyrical if you want it to be in a certain genre and it will automatically create that particular music for you can.

Then give to your client and make money with the help of AI audio. There are tons of tools, that you can explore. These were just two of them.

you can go on to future tools and you can find many other tools as well for audio. Now here are two very wild ideas that you can work on in the AI

6 Way To Make Money with AI

Space there is a Creator, who created a AI version of herself and people were paying $1 for every minute for listening to her and chatting with her in a chat based interface and this is a huge opportunity.

Right, there are tons of people who are fans of a lot of Instagram celebrities of a lot of Bollywood Stars what if you work with these high influential people and you say that, hey I know, you cannot talk to all of your followers but here’s a great idea, that I have why not I create a AI version of you.

Which can talk like you and people can pay money to talk to you. With the help of the AI chatbot, I’ll just take the 10% cut.

You can take back the rest and this is a great pitch that, you can try out yourself and just make a agency around it. Right you can just go to auto GPT and learn how can you build a chatbot.It’s not as complicated as, it looks.

You basically need a lot of audio samples of that person and then you can create a trained model, which would be able to replicate their tone of speaking and then you can just create a simple interface where in people can ask questions and they can reply in that AI synthetic audio.

It’s a very interesting idea, that you can explore this Creator
personally. Made over $100,000 with just this simple idea of offering her AI version for $1 per minute of chat.

The seventh way to make money is

7 Way To Make Money with AI

When you’re working with companies and you’re offering your email marketing services on the ROI basis, there’s a great tool called as lemlist.

AI with the help of it you can automate the email Emil marketing campaign yourself ideally. It analyzes who the lead is and then creates a custom offer for them and then you can send the emails to all of them.

Your focus should be on creating the campaign and assigning all the variables and it will take care of all the things itself.

So these were the seven ways to earn moeny with the help of chat GPT

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