How Can AI Be Used For Good?

how can ai be used for good : Well, Can ai for good? The world is moving towards technological advancement every day, and the United Nations has put in place a novel method to implement its goals that lead to a sustainable future.

how can ai be used for good?

The UN Technology Agency is showcasing many humanoid robots at the AI for Good Summit in Switzerland Now, will these robots help the UN achieve a list of global sustainability goals?

watch this Robots are on display at the AI for good. conference in Switzerland, like we told you, amongst the star robots Nadine stands tall; she’s a caregiving robot with social emotions.

The event also features the 4NE1, which can handle industrial tasks and improve manufacturing abilities. Interestingly, U.N. agencies are already using AI under the World Food Programme to pull together data to identify areas sliding towards hunger.

They are also developing remote-controlled trucks to deliver emergency aid in these areas. Gradually, the World Health Organisation is also moving towards AI to diagnose diseases.

The robots are here to help, but this digital workforce has to be used in an empowering way to make life easier and better.

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