sub-domain hosting

Thank you for your interest in being hosted by Love Dust. Here you can apply for a sub-domain website. Though I have a few rules in place, I want all sub-domain holders to feel comfortable and free to express themselves in any way on their website. Here are a few rules:

001. Upon approval, you will be given a maximum of 2 weeks to have your website up and running. If at the end of the week your website is not up and running, your account/website will be closed down. You will no longer have access to the website.
002. Your website can be categorized under a number of things.. but pornography, racist and/or offensive content is not allowed. If it's noticed, your website/account will automatically be removed.
003. Please make sure to keep your website updated at lesst 1/2 times a month (at least, as I know everyone has a life outside of the WWW). If you should ever need to take a leave of absense or a hiatus, notify me ASAP. I should not have to track you down to find out why your website hasn't been touched in months.
004. You MUST have basic knowledge of html/CSS and graphic design. I am always willing to help, however, personal life is always a must. Therefore, I will not always be available to respond in a timely fashion should you have a question/concern in regards to your website. I will try my best to support you in any way possible regarding those required areas.
005. Upon sending your application, allow up to 48 hours for me to determine your eligibility. I'll usually respond whether accepted or not, but in the event that you do not hear from me within those said 48 hours, then you were not approved.
006. I can't wait to see what content/information you have in store! Thanks for allowing me to be your trusted host.

What You will recieve:

01. Your own distinct sub-domain (
02. One email account (yourname @
03. 2 GB Space (If more is needed. we may can work something out)
04. A very helpful host! For all of your questions/concerns.