7 UNEXPECTED Ways : How To Earn Money Online For Students

how to earn money online for students

How To Earn Money Online For Students : Hi everyone, I’m Neha Varma and in this blog, I’ll be talking about seven unknown ways to make money as a college student. if you want to pay your college fees or if you want to make some side income, so that you can buy that amazing laptop make sure. that you watch this video till the very end.

1. Freelancing : you might be hearing about content writing, about freelancing, about software development, all of you already know about how to make money in these fields ,but in this blog I’ll be talking about seven unknown fields that you can start making money in today. and make an extra side income of 10 000 to 30 000 rupees per month as a beginner.

how to earn money online for students

2. Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that we have all loved to use, but now with Elon Musk coming in they have introduced a monetization program for creators. So if you are a Creator on X platform, you can potentially make money with Twitter.

All you need on Twitter is at least 500 followers and 5 million impressions in the last three months. If you have just that you are on path to make money with X. Now how much can you really make with X, right so my friend made about 20 000 rupees with the help of X.

how to earn money online for students

I have people, that I know who are making one to two lakh rupees every single month on the X platform and it is a great way for you to share your learnings on Twitter through threads, through pictures, through informative, a rousals and make money doing.

so right it’s all about being a great content writer you will have to create informative posts or it could also be memes. Right it could be anything, depending on the type of audience, that is consuming your content you will get paid on the Twitter platform. Personally I am about to receive a paycheck from Twitter so, make sure that you stay tuned.

I will be revealing exactly how much money I made by tweeting on the X platform. but the secret to reaching 55 million impressions on Twitter is all about effective storytelling and content writing right.

If you can do that consistently every single day you can easily be a part of this monetization program by Twitter. So that is the first way to make money talking about the second one and this is on medium.com.

Now how many of you have read an article on medium let me know. Now tell me in the comment section you might have read a ton of Articles, now did you know, that Medium actually pays the people who write on their platform?

No. Right so, the way this works is, that if you are a part of the medium writer Community you can apply for their partner program and as a result of that whenever a paid subscriber of medium consumes and reads your article you get paid for the time they spend on your article. right that is exactly how

3. Spotify :

The third way to make money is with the help of Spotify. Yes, you heard me right. Not only you can listen to music but, you can also get paid with Spotify. let me tell you, how it works.

how to earn money online for students

So imagine that, you have a playlist on Spotify that you’ve recently launched and that playlist is consumed by a lot of people. You have a ton of listens on your playlist and you have a lot of organic traction on the platform. Now there are a lot of artists who launch their songs or their albums.

But they are just not able to gain traction organically so what they do is? They will start reaching out to you and then they will pay you money to place their song in your playlist. Okay. This is not something that is easy but, once you do it, you can charge a lot of money from artists around the world.

Depending on how much organic traction your playlist is having. There is a website I am forgetting the name I’ll put it over here. If you go on that website you can get connected with artists who want to place their songs in your playlist.

So, when you do that you get paid with the help of Spotify. Now this is hard. So only do it if you are really interested in making money on Spotify and you are a song junkie only then you should be doing something like this.

You can go on Fiverr and you can check how much people are charging forgetting listens on your albums and songs as an artist and you can get an idea of how much you can get paid if you have a playlist.

4. Youtube Shorts :

That gets organic traction moving on to the fourth way to make money and that is with the help of repurposing content. Now, if you go on YouTube shorts, right now you will starts crolling one thing, that you will notice, if you live in India there is a person called Elvis yadav and you will be seeing a ton of his short form content on the platform or be it any other Creator.

how to earn money online for students

Right, This is a very interesting strategy played by creators the fan accounts that you see on all of the handles of creators. You have to understand there are agencies who actually get paid from creators and they create these fan accounts on which they repurpose the content of the Creator and push it as much as possible on multiple YouTube channels and Instagram accounts.

Thus increasing the reach of the Creator Sanjay basically it’s a way for me to increase my reach a fan accounts. They are actually paid by the agency or by the Creator himself to talk about them, to create reels about them, to create repurposed content around them.

This was famously done by Andrew Tate. Right, he incentivized everyone to start creating reels using his own content and sell his Hustlers University subscription. Right, so this is an amazing model. Lot of companies charging big bucks from influencers as well as other people for creating more hype for that one person by repurposing their content.

This could be as simple as you reaching out to some founder, who is doing podcasts and saying that hey man, I see that you create these 40 minute long podcasts most people are not interested in watching it. But if I can take out small pieces of your podcast and turn them into repurposed shots and reels alot more people might want to watch it right.

This is your pitch and this can get you a lot of traction. Right, this is how it works you just need to learn a little bit of video editing and you are good to go.

5. Influencer Marketing :

Now let’s talk about the Fifth way to make money and that is with influencer marketing. I know, I’m talking a lot about creative economy, but that’s where I see the biggest scope for you to make money, that most of you are not aware of.

how to earn money online for students

So let’s talk about influencer marketing. You can become a freelance influencer marketer and you can connect brands with creators and just charge a small five to ten percent commission fees and end up making a lot of money doing.

So I recently worked with a freelance influencer marketer and what she basically did? was she said, that the brand will pay me and I can just pay a10 of whatever I made to her after I am getting paid right. There is no risk I know, that if the brand pays me I will pay her, if the brand does not pay me I will not pay her.

There are a ton of companies trying to connect with the right creators and if you can connect them, if you can become the middle man then you can end up making a lot of money doing. So you can easily be making 10000 to 50 000 rupees every single month.

If you just connect creators, you don’t need to have a company, you don’t need to have any extreme knowledge, you should just be good at talking to people and convincing them that’s all that you need and then connect them and make money doing so.

I know 17 year old kids, who are in 12th grade and are successfully running their freelance influencer marketing business connecting a ton of brands with creators and making money doing so.

6. Power Point Presentation :

Now talking about the Sixth way to make money and that is through Power Point Presentations. Yes, you heard me right. You can actually get paid for creating ppts for a lot of people. Just go on fiverr.com and search.

how to earn money online for students

I will create ppts for you and you will see so many gigs of people who are offering PPT creation services for thousand rupees 5000 rupees 10 000 rupees. As well depending on the deliverables that they have now your advantage is you can create amazing looking Power Point presentations in a fraction of time.

You now have ai. There are so many amazing platforms like Tome AI, that you can visit and you can create a very simple pitch deck by just typing out what you want and it will create everything for you and it looks amazing there are also other AI platforms, that you can visit and create these ppts and sell it to your client and make money doing so.

7. Creating Subtitles for Youtube Creators :

Now to end this Blog, I want to talk about the Seventh way to make money and that is by creating subtitles for YouTube creators. Now hear me out, there are so many AI tools that you can be using right now to create subtitles for creators not just English it can be Hindi it can also be Regional languages.

You can create it for them and you can share it with them. As well you can also tell them, that you will be able to translate their videos with the help of AI. There are some amazing AI tools out there that you can see on the screen .

As well you can use these AI tools and you can seamlessly translate audio from English to Hindi or from Hindi to Regional languages and hence forth you will be able to increase the reach of this Creator.

So, if you pitch it to the min this manner you will be able to close a lot more creators and that is going to be a great way to make some side income. Now subtitles you can create yourself.

You can also use AI tools, that can help you with it. You can charge per minute of the text or the audio that you are transcribing and that way you can make money. I recently paid 2500 rupees for creating subtitles for two of my podcasts and I think it’s a great way to make up to 10 to 15 000 rupees in the whole month itself.

So, there you have it these are seven unknown ways to make money as a student to pay your college fees or buy your favorite laptop. What will you do with all of this money let me know in the comment section as well.

Thank you so much, for reading this blog. If you have any questions about any of these seven methods, let me know about that in the comment section. As well I will reply to each of your comments.

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