5 Jobs That Will Disappear By 2030 Due To AI

Jobs That Will Disappear By 2030 Due To AI : Hello friends! Nowadays, you must be seeing a lot on the internet or reading in the newspapers about the web3, NFT, crypto, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, and you must be confused about the skill that you should learn which would keep you future ready all the time.


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jobs that will disappear

Today’s blog is about 5 jobs that you may not see in the future. If you are in any of these 5 jobs right now, then I will also give some examples of what is it that you can do to upskill yourself in that specific job.

Read the blog till the end, because I will tell you a very important secret at the end, about the skill which will always keep you job-ready in any economic cycle, and in any market.

Let’s get started.

The first one is a data analyst and business analyst. This is a big word, so I will give you a specific example. Business analyst or data analyst job will never be obsolete, but there are many roles in them, where the job is to just collect data and enter it into an Excel or any other software, and then a result will be drawn, which needs to be given to someone.

That is precisely the job. It’s there in many companies, even in my company. These kinds of jobs will not be there in the future, because a software tool can easily do it. If you enter the data in it, just like there is a business intelligence software, or a data analyst software, it can easily analyze the data, download it, and give it to you.

It’s called data mining. So the best people in data mining analyze the whole data efficiently. Whatever data is fed and downloaded, they analyze it properly, and draw a meaningful result from it, and then they submit a report to the company, that if you don’t do these things, then this will be the result.

This data is telling me this, and this data will tell us the downfall and the benefits of these examples in a very simple manner. If I am the CEO of a company, I don’t have the time to read the data, but if somebody analyzes the data, and tells me four things that are important for us, which need to be focused upon and improved, then that will be really important and useful.

If you are in this kind of job, then pay attention to it, so that you become the best in that job. Now let’s move on to the next one. It’s very common, everybody may know about it, still, I will tell you how to improve on it.

Shopkeepers : By shopkeepers, I don’t mean the owners, but the people who work in the shop, the employees in the shop. Those people who work in a supermarket, all those jobs will become obsolete in the future. When I was traveling to Europe, I myself saw that there was nobody in a lot of supermarkets.

We go in with the trolley, pick up the stuff, and there is automatic checkout and scanning, we pay by debit card, and step out of the shop. I saw the same thing in Switzerland. There was a huge gym behind the place where I was staying.

There was nobody there. You could just apply online, you would get a passcode for entry and lock, you can just enter, work out in the gym, and come out. So, if you are in a job like this, you may get some stress after hearing this. So my suggestion to you is, how can you give a human touch to your job?

I recall a very interesting story, Johnny the bagger. Johnny was an employee in a supermarket, his job was to put the stuff in bags, and give it to the customers. So what he did was, he started putting the quote of the day in every bag, and everybody started reading it.

People who come to buy stuff, they may be in some kind of stress, when they read this quote of the day, it really gives them happiness, it makes their day. That’s why they started coming again and again just to get the quote from Johnny, and hence there was a long queue outside that shop, and everybody insisted on standing in Johnny’s queue.

What did Johnny do here? Johny added some value. So how can you add some value to your job yourself? Can you do something for the customers which gives them the feeling that this shop is not just for sales, but also has a human touch? Think about it. If you can bring this to your job, then your job will always be there.

The third one is Accountants who only file taxes. Everybody knows that it is very easy to file taxes nowadays, even in a country like India. You can easily pay e-tax.

If your accountant is filing your tax, they give a disclaimer beforehand, that if there is some error, it wouldn’t be their fault. Then what is the point of having them do it! If any accountant is listening to this, they might get upset with me, but all I want to say is that you can add value to your job. You can give tax advice.

You may increase your scope, and learn about investments. There are many creators who give investment advice. You can increase your knowledge and try that out too. Just like Neha Nagar, one of my favorite finance persons, she is also a tax consultant, but she teaches with a lot of value addition, and all customers love to come to her. So this is something that you can do.

The fourth one is, whatever task you are doing, if it is repetitive, you could be a factory worker, or you could be in an administrative job in a company, it could be any job, but if you are doing the same task every day, such repetitive jobs will definitely be extinct.

Even robots can replace them. I can tell you that in our elevator industry, now there is a robotic insulation tool. Robots and machines are doing heavy lifting jobs. You are in such jobs, again, you have to think along the lines of how can you add a different kind of value to your job? What kind of importance can you bring to it? This is what you have to think about.

And the final one is, maybe what I’m doing on social media for all of you motivational content speakers. I believe that there are a lot of motivational content speakers, they can start at the age of 14till around my age, 40–50 years old, many people create motivational content.

So, now it is a crowded space, and you will be in two minds about trusting anyone. If you are coming from an authentic place, speaking from personal experience, then people may have more trust in you. But if that’s not the case, then I would request you to create your own niche, where you can share practical use, practical examples, and practical content with people.

Don’t create content, share content. For that, you will have to gain a lot of experience yourself, you will have to gain a lot of knowledge, you have to do a lot of networking, after that, you can share your experiences which will be value-adding for everyone.

You may also feel that after every 5–10 years something you keep coming up, then how do I make sure that I am always current? I am going to give you a bonus tip, a golden tip for that. Work on your soft skills. Soft skills will always keep you employable.

I will mention four here, there are many otherwise. The first one is sales skills. Whatever job you are doing, even if you are a scientist, still you will have to sell your science, your invention, hence you must learn sales skills.

The second one is negotiation skills. You have to put your point across to somebody, and convince them, that’s negotiation skills. How can you get your work done by someone, that’s negotiation skills. Emotional intelligence is a very important soft skill, and its importance will only keep increasing in the future.

A lot of people do not get a career jump only because they lack emotional intelligence. And the last one I would say is, influencing skills.

This is the end of today’s blog. Thank you so much for readingto this blog. If you liked this blog then please share it with your friends. Thank you so much for reading to me. Stay fit, stay positive, keep chasing obscene success. Thank you.

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