Back with another one! :: 2019-08-21 01:09:44 UTC :: posted by Monay

So here we are yet again with another layout.. this one much better than the last. Why, you wonder? The CSS file! For some strange reason I couldn't use 2 background images, so eventually I opted to just design a whole new layout and move on with my life.. I love it. It features a model I searched for through Model Mayhem. Check them out.

Also, I've took it upon myself to integrate a whole new photo gallery which I will be using. It's been completely redesigned which features my hubby Trey Songz. It's in the sidebar under "Graphics Portfolio". I'll try to update it regularly.

Then, I tried a new look with the layout. I was at a stand still, but was given some creative flow from the very talented Zest De Couleurs

So check them out! Graphics are beautiful. So I will be doing more creations and gatherings trying to bring this website back up & running again.. Which brings me to the next mention: Site of the Month! The month of August is given to my dear WWW partner Tiffany of

I'll be giving more shout outs as the month progresses.. The little ones are due to start school in two weeks so I'm constantly on the run! From catching sales on uniform clothes to tax week on school supplies! Super mom I am.

Tiffany :: 2019-08-22 14:05:54 UTC :: ip: logged
Thank you so much for making me the site of the month, I really appreciate it. smile.gif
Tiffany :: 2019-08-22 14:02:10 UTC :: ip: logged
The new layout is so beautiful and I love the model images you choose, and I really like the colors, and now clean the layout looks, and I really appreciate your comment on my newest blog, thank you smile.gif I really love what you did with your gallery as well.
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