Video Games! :: 2021-05-24 11:33:53 UTC :: posted by Monay

If any one asks me.. "Hey Mo', whats your favorite video game?" I'd simply tell them--


The Sims!


I'm an avid Sims 3/4 player. Are there any fellow Sims players out there that visit me? If so, let's connect on Origin! I believe they have the online feature that allows you to visit/play with other households.. I think. If not, let's cat then! Drop your Origin usernames/emails in the chat box or under the comments of this blog. Soon, I'm thinking about creating a Discord group specifically for Sims gamers to unite. What do you think?


( Sims screen shot coming soon! )

Brandi :: 2021-06-05 19:35:38 UTC :: ip: logged
that is so awesome! I love the Sims too. so i recently got into it again (after some years) and OMG i am so addicted to it. I can play it for hours. i really like the winter game plays and the city life one. whats yours?

Brandi -
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