The holidays are approaching! :: 2020-12-13 17:25:30 UTC :: posted by Monay

Well hello there! I hope everyones staying safe during the pandemic. I was just sliding in with a quick update, for those of you that haven't heard from me; and those who have. I'm doing just fine, me & my family are safe and sound. We are still quarantined during these tough times and making sure to stay up to date with what's going on in the world. But on to other ideas! How does the new layout look? I really like it.. I'm still learning coding, and looking into new HTML/CSS that I now know how to use. In this time, I've also given out my online "Christmas Gift" to all of my affies and a few close buddies that I often chat with online. In the mean time, here's some gifts that I've recieved from a few of my friends as well! Happy Holidays!


Jessica @


Salya @


Chazz @


My baby Rach! @


Karmen @



If you have any gifts, please feel free to post them in the chatbox or leave under the comment of this post. I'll share them & still update the site. Thanks!

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