Que the lights!

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Hey my lovelieesssss! I'm baaack.. you guys wouldn't believe the trouble I went to getting here to you guys today... First my laptop died on me, then the new laptop I brought had close to no disk space on it, so I had to have Amazon Prime bring me a whole excternal drive.. too much! The original layout that I had for the site was stuck on the other laptop, so I had to design a whole new layout from scratch.. Featuring the talented and oh-so gorgeous Billie Eilish! What do you guys think? Leave comments and quick messages in the chatbox. Whew, it feels good to be back!

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Posted on 08 Mar 2020 by admin

Watch me work!

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So starting tomorrow, Friday, February 7, 2020 I will be doing a complete layout change for the blog. During this time, I will have shut down the entire website, and in this time you will be directed upon a "BRB" page equipped with the chatbox for those who want to leave comments. Once everything has been changed I will notify those of you whom leave said comments and of course my affiliates/friends. This layout is a bit different, and will not include a celebrity. A first for me! I know, but hopefully I can WOW you guys with it.

In the mean time lets talk! Any plans for the 2020 year? Any plans for valentines day? I'll more than likely be home, but I'd like to hear what's in store for you guys and your special loves. Leave comments under the blog or in the chatbox. chao!

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Posted on 06 Feb 2020 by admin

Thank you FireFox!

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So I guess they saw my complaint with the CBox not showing up.. and guess what? It's back! Appreciate it FireFox! I knew I could count on you guys to see this through.. So Between Monday-Tuesday I will be doing a small integration shift with my host, if you guys notice that the website is down, do not be alarmed! Affies I am still here, but will be experiencing a bit of technical difficulty. During that time I will have worked on more content for you guys to check out and download.

Notice anything different in the visitor section? I've started back coding layouts. Bare with me, I'm doing these from scratch with Adobe Dreamweaver. I will continuously work on these to get better, and eventually start selling themes/layouts as well. So check them out and let me know how you all feel!

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Posted on 25 Jan 2020 by admin

This is crazy!

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So I recently started using Firefox Web Browser, and for some strange reason now I can not see my cbox. this has been going on for about a week now, and I thought that updating the code (which is why most of you seen it on the side scrollbar) but then I changed it back to the sidebar on the layout and it's still not showing. Any reason why? Can anyone help me? 'Preshaded!

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Posted on 13 Jan 2020 by admin

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