Thank you FireFox!

So I guess they saw my complaint with the CBox not showing up.. and guess what? It's back! Appreciate it FireFox! I knew I could count on you guys to see this through.. So Between Monday-Tuesday I will be doing a small integration shift with my host, if you guys notice that the website is down, do not be alarmed! Affies I am still here, but will be experiencing a bit of technical difficulty. During that time I will have worked on more content for you guys to check out and download.

Notice anything different in the visitor section? I've started back coding layouts. Bare with me, I'm doing these from scratch with Adobe Dreamweaver. I will continuously work on these to get better, and eventually start selling themes/layouts as well. So check them out and let me know how you all feel!

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by Tiffany @ 28 Jan 2020 11:48 pm
I was so glad to see that it was fixed as well since I was/am not planning to give up firefox!
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