Just another small update..

Hey there everyone! Just stopping in to give everyone an update. I'm still alive! Still working behind the scenes on more content and updates to the website. I'm in the process of preparing for a party that my cousin is hosting tomorrow for his birthday. So that's about to be a movie lol and grandma said she would keep my babies for the whole weekend! Salute to all the real aunts/grandmas that keep the nieces/nephews, grand kids on weekends. You guys are the real MVP's. You saw how single parents, and couples struggle to raise kids and take care of responsibilities and give us breaks every now and again. You guys are the real ones. Forever grateful for grandparents and aunts with no kids.

However, more on to an issue that's been on my mind for a while. Social media? It's annoying. I'm starting to notice a habit on social media, with people and their opinions. And I'm starting to also notice the people who go back and forth with these opinionated people. Now I've never had a run in with these said opinionated people, but have been warned and told about a few of them that stalk the World Wide Web looking for trouble. The worse part about it? They hide behind fake identities. Not to mention names *cough cough* but I found out not too long ago that one internet troll that has been really getting on peoples nerves was hiding behind a fake identity. From the name, to the age, and the occupation. It's not safe on the internet anymore.

Which is why if I ever chose to share personal information, it'll never go too in-depth into my life with family, friends, location etc.. Just enough to let you know who I am at the surface. You are never aware of who people are on the internet anymore. And although it's scary, those of you who know, know. The few people that I really talk to that I met through graphic websites, forums and such have known me for years. They know personal, as I do also. But that's if you've known me for years(s). But not to keep you guys hooked in too long, just wanted to send updates and start a little conversation. So express your "opinions" in the comments (see how I did that?) and let me know about your past experiences and your insight on internet trolls and bullies.

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