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website affiliates/partnerships

To view affiliates and partners, they are all linked linked on this page.

01. No porn/racist/disrespectful sites. I make an acception for those who use a little foul language here and there.
02. Your button must be of 88x31 size for all affiliation/partnership requests.
03. You are not required to link before I accept your request, but please be aware that once I have accepted you, you have 2 days to have my link up from the time the email is sent.
04. Dead sites, will be removed. If you go on hiatus, whether I am told or not, from the time it is noticed and you still do not have your website up within a week, you will be removed.
05. If I do not accept you, it is probably because I noticed something about your website that did not sit well with me. This includes people who have stolen content from either me or another designer. I will know.
06. I don't do affie sweeps, as I understand that everyone has a life outside of the world wide web, but every now and then to comment a simple "hey how are you" wouldn't hurt, as I will always do the same.
07. Follow these simple rules and we will get along just fine!

Here you can apply for becoming an affiliate. Once approved, you will get an email from us.

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