Watch me work! @ 06 Feb 2020
So starting tomorrow, Friday, February 7, 2020 I will be doing a complete layout change for the blog. During this time, I will have shut down the entire website, and in this time you will be directed upon a "BRB" page equipped with the chatbox for those who want to leave comments. Once everything has been changed I will notify those of you whom leave said comments and of course my affiliates/friends. This layout is a bit different, and will not include a celebrity. A first for me! I know, but hopefully I can WOW you guys with it.

In the mean time lets talk! Any plans for the 2020 year? Any plans for valentines day? I'll more than likely be home, but I'd like to hear what's in store for you guys and your special loves. Leave comments under the blog or in the chatbox. chao!

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