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It hit home..

My little brothers bestfriend lost his father to Covid..

I've lost 2 family members to Covid & I start a new job on Monday...

I'm going through it.

Any words of enouragement?

I could really use it.. Thanks.

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Still alive.. I think.

Amidst everything that's been going on with the judicial system, systemic oppression and police brutaity on blacks.. I have honestly been out of touch with this website. I'm still here, though.. I promise I'm not going anywhere. I'm just.. numb. I'm still active, working on content to add and a new layout. That, and I've been really working to achieve set goals now that america's working on re-opening. But we shall see where it goes! If you notice that some of the pages are out of order- no worries. I'm testing and creating new plug-ins and codes. Chao!

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Too Old for this!

Grr. I am tired, hungry and slightly stressed. I think Maryland is the only state that keeps passing around the opening/closing of all schools in the Prince George's County area. My children have been out of school for two months now and it's becoming quite tiring. Though I have enough patience to deal with these kids enough to get them through this tough time with their education. I am still in awe at just what it is that the school board is choosing to do with these kids in regards to their education.  The were set to return to school on the 26th of April. Then just days before this was set to happen, we get a mass email from the school board that Distant Learning has been extended through May 15th. This will have only left them approximately a moth left of school before summer break. Totally unfair.

With this COVID-19 still running rampid more than ever, I'm not even sure if there will even be summer programs available for these babies. Of course you know, that as a neighborhood patron and mother.. we always make a way for our cubs. But this constant back and forth between YOUR president and the government, is quite irritating to say the least. But I suppose as we get closer to May 15th there's sure to be more hold up. I guess my rant is just that at this point; a rant. I've even picked up a side hobby of making DIY projects through out the house. Pictures Coming soon!

So what is it that everyones been up to during this madness? For all essential workers; your courage to help save this world has not gone unnoticed. We are with you, we are praying for you & those around you. We thank you. To those who are deciding to be hard headed and not adhere to the guidlines; what's your purpose? I need to be outside and in a bathing suit no later than mid-June'ish! You're holding us up, just stay home! Sheesh.

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New blog.. New script

Starting over now.. SIGH.

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