The new look is almost finished..

Posted by Monay on 2022-06-03 22:47:29 UTC

So i've been behind the scenes working on a new layout.. and I was instantly remidned of just why I didn't like being bothered with layout changes in the first place- they are time consuming! However, I am almost sure that this will be one of the best- if not the best- layout I've designed to date! To those who remember me from, know that I've come a long way from Paint Shop Pro to Photoshop. But I'm still looking for ways to perfect my craft every single day! Again, thank you all for your support and help, I do greatly appreciate it!


- Monay

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Welcome back Monay!!

Posted by Monay on 2022-04-25 22:39:09 UTC

Well, well, well.. look who's back..





New layout with abstract design, with a featured footer code from the site spotlight "Love Blush" her link is located at the top right of the site. She's awesome! Check her out. I'm adding/fixing up pages. But I really wish to say this, and be done with it..


I do not do online drama! We are all grown ass adults. Unless I know you personally, what is said/done over the internet does not matter! It's useless to keep going back and forth with someone behind a keyboard. I get along with everyone, because this is the internet.. which is the main reason why I've always taken breaks from all of it. Let it go, move on. More updates coming soon.



- Monay.

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I feel so bad..

Posted by Monay on 2021-11-18 23:17:42 UTC

So I know that you all have been waiting on that big update that I promised to post! Truth it, life got in the way & I had to put everything on hold. Between my children, school, work & the holidays... it's getting rough! But keep me in your thoughts! I have everything designed, just waiting for the time to update everything. For everyone who requested a link change, I will most definitely get around to it this weekend. Happy Friday-Eve!






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Looking for a new host

Posted by Monay on 2021-08-05 16:04:39 UTC

It was brought to my attention that my host will no longer be providing free hosting.. which I completely understant. Things happen, life happens. So does anyone have any recommendations? Free or paid hosting, leave in the comments under this post or in the sidebr chatbox. I'd really appreciate it. Only reason I ask is because I don't want to just put my money into a hosting website & the service is trash. I need reliable, with packages worth paying for- top tier. Again, if you have any recommendations please drop gems in trhe comments under this blog post or in the sidebar under the chatbox section. I really appreciate it friends!


So my host, thank you for allowing me to be myself on for well over a year! You're awesome, one of a kind. You a real one. Also, I'm working on a whole new look for LD, so look out for that as well within the time that I have to transfer everything to my new host. I'm also still looking to open up a large community for my fellow games, graphic designers and RP'ers. I will also be doing a clean sweep of all affiliates/online friends. Again, I appreciate each and every one of you guys! Gifts coming soon as well! Until then--





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Video Games!

Posted by Monay on 2021-05-24 11:33:53 UTC

If any one asks me.. "Hey Mo', whats your favorite video game?" I'd simply tell them--


The Sims!


I'm an avid Sims 3/4 player. Are there any fellow Sims players out there that visit me? If so, let's connect on Origin! I believe they have the online feature that allows you to visit/play with other households.. I think. If not, let's cat then! Drop your Origin usernames/emails in the chat box or under the comments of this blog. Soon, I'm thinking about creating a Discord group specifically for Sims gamers to unite. What do you think?


( Sims screen shot coming soon! )

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