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Back with another one!

So here we are yet again with another layout.. this one much better than the last. Why, you wonder? The CSS file! For some strange reason I couldn't use 2 background images, so eventually I opted to just design a whole new layout and move on with my life.. I love it. It features a model I searched for through Model Mayhem. Check them out.

Also, I've took it upon myself to integrate a whole new photo gallery which I will be using. It's been completely redesigned which features my hubby Trey Songz. It's in the sidebar under "Graphics Portfolio". I'll try to update it regularly.

Then, I tried a new look with the layout. I was at a stand still, but was given some creative flow from the very talented Zest De Couleurs

So check them out! Graphics are beautiful. So I will be doing more creations and gatherings trying to bring this website back up & running again.. Which brings me to the next mention: Site of the Month! The month of August is given to my dear WWW partner Tiffany of

I'll be giving more shout outs as the month progresses.. The little ones are due to start school in two weeks so I'm constantly on the run! From catching sales on uniform clothes to tax week on school supplies! Super mom I am.

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Posted by Monay on 2019-08-21 01:09:44 UTC


Hello loves! I've finally completed the package deal! All visitor content has been updated. From banners, to layouts, and more.. Don't thank me- go download!


Banners: Revamped/new graphics added

Icon Textures: 2 new packs

Layouts: Revamped/coded

Large Textures: 4 new packs



Also, I was given this beautiful gift from the very sweet Rach @




Enjoy.. leave comments, and let me know how you feel about the updates! New layout coming as well.. and my graphic store is still under construction, but coming soon!

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Posted by Monay on 2019-07-09 14:17:08 UTC

My guilty crush..

So I know that everyone has their guilty pleaasures.. and as I promoted in my last update, my guilty pleasure is that of my favorite childhood boy band B5! They compose of 5 brothers, ranging now within the ages of 21-29.. Of course, my favorite one being the one with the most sultry voice, Patrick. We are of the same age, and both Virgos. I didn't get a chance to really let you guys get a preview of the new downloads to come, and they are still in the making. I haven't totally forgotten, just seems that everytime I sit to my laptop theres a need for me elsewhere. Whether it's the kids, or my spouse, or family in general.


So the decision I made to fous more on my family and work from home came as a tough halt when I was told of the proceess to put my two oldest children in private schools. having entered the second month of summer school I am super tired. I do, however, plan to re-enter the working world once school starts back up in late August. With this I will probably just add more content, send updates and won't blog as much. But the website will remain up & active as always. Nothings going to change then from now. Again I want to thank each and every one of my friends, and visitors. You all give me the will to keep this website running. I love you all!


I will be integrating my portfolio/gallery from the old Love Dust website, even though I didn't post on there it'll still be good and furthermore prevent clutter here on the website. So then I can be able to separate what's available for download aside from my personal graphics to stay up to date on my Photoshop skills. Happy Independence Day! I am taking the family to Six Flags for fun, festivities & the fireworks show this evening. What all are you guys doing for the holdiay? I'd love to hear about them in the comments/sidebar.




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Posted by Monay on 2019-07-04 15:50:05 UTC

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