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General: annnddd....

Hello loves! I've finally completed the package deal! All visitor content has been updated. From banners, to layouts, and more.. Don't thank me- go download!


Banners: Revamped/new graphics added

Icon Textures: 2 new packs

Layouts: Revamped/coded

Large Textures: 4 new packs



Also, I was given this beautiful gift from the very sweet Rach @ http://luckystorm.xyz/:




Enjoy.. leave comments, and let me know how you feel about the updates! New layout coming as well.. and my graphic store is still under construction, but coming soon!

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Posted by Monay on 2019-07-09 14:17:08 UTC

General: My guilty crush..

So I know that everyone has their guilty pleaasures.. and as I promoted in my last update, my guilty pleasure is that of my favorite childhood boy band B5! They compose of 5 brothers, ranging now within the ages of 21-29.. Of course, my favorite one being the one with the most sultry voice, Patrick. We are of the same age, and both Virgos. I didn't get a chance to really let you guys get a preview of the new downloads to come, and they are still in the making. I haven't totally forgotten, just seems that everytime I sit to my laptop theres a need for me elsewhere. Whether it's the kids, or my spouse, or family in general.


So the decision I made to fous more on my family and work from home came as a tough halt when I was told of the proceess to put my two oldest children in private schools. having entered the second month of summer school I am super tired. I do, however, plan to re-enter the working world once school starts back up in late August. With this I will probably just add more content, send updates and won't blog as much. But the website will remain up & active as always. Nothings going to change then from now. Again I want to thank each and every one of my friends, and visitors. You all give me the will to keep this website running. I love you all!


I will be integrating my portfolio/gallery from the old Love Dust website, even though I didn't post on there it'll still be good and furthermore prevent clutter here on the website. So then I can be able to separate what's available for download aside from my personal graphics to stay up to date on my Photoshop skills. Happy Independence Day! I am taking the family to Six Flags for fun, festivities & the fireworks show this evening. What all are you guys doing for the holdiay? I'd love to hear about them in the comments/sidebar.




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Posted by Monay on 2019-07-04 15:50:05 UTC

General: Calling all B5 fans!

They're baaaack! And better than ever, so I'm here to give everyone another home to post & support the boys! Even those who arent fans, you're still welcome to join. All are welcome!



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Posted by Monay on 2019-06-05 22:41:17 UTC

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